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These wholesale Hispanic cards are handmade and celebrate a variety of occasions, including weddings and new babies. There are also birthday cards that are especially designed for females and for kids, as well as birthday cards with fun pop up designs. PaperCraft’s Hispanic card line offers a large variety of heartfelt cards with a great selection.

At PaperCraft Products, an industry leader when it comes to offering handmade greeting cards wholesale, we understand that not all of your customers are going to be English speakers, and that sometimes giving a card in your own native language to a friend or family member can provide an extra thoughtful touch. Offering handmade Hispanic cards is just one of the ways that we demonstrate the importance that is placed on your business needs. Our Hispanic cards are designed by an experienced and talented product design team.

The PaperCraft Products team also consists of an exceptional customer service team that seeks to make your experience positive. If you need help with any step of the ordering process, you will work with a member of our sales team. Additionally, our sales team will contact you directly to confirm your order and to work with you on choosing the best possible shipping option for your handmade greeting cards at wholesale prices.