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11 Item(s)

Everyday Greeting Cards for All Occasions

Gift cards are appropriate for all occasions, and if you are a retailer looking to provide the best greeting cards for everyday occasions, PaperCraft Products by International Greetings, USA, has products your customers will love. Our wide variety of wholesale birthday cards, thank you cards, wedding congratulations, and activity cards for kids of all ages means that your inventory can always be kept up-to-the-minute with your customer demands. As specialists in all gift wrapping products, we know that retailers are looking for compact, organized displays of cards their customers will love. The fact that we listen to what our customers want, and deliver designs that are unique, sophisticated, and fun, is what sets us apart among greeting cards wholesalers.

Cards You, and Your Customers, Will Love

As a retailer, you’ll love that PaperCrafts Products designs a wide variety of interesting wholesale gift cards, available in different styles of organized displays. We arrange our greeting card in-counter displays to offer you between 3 and 9 card options when used alone, or to allow you to combine them using our fold-out on-floor display for a way to expand your selection in a compact, organized manner. Our wholesale birthday cards are available in cases with a total of cards as low as 24, or as high as 135, so you can always keep the right amount in your inventory, and on your shelves.

Your customers will love that PaperCraft Products provides them a selection of the coolest types of greeting cards wholesalers have to offer. Whether they are looking for a handmade kids’ card that is also a puzzle, a felt activity card to congratulate a couple expecting a child, an extra-large “color-me-in” thank you card, or fun wholesale extra-large birthday cards, they will be able to find something truly impressive when they shop your inventory. Our “Everyday” collection includes cards appropriate for all occasions, including some that are blank inside and feature patterns on the front that make them all-purpose. Our selection of over 40 options in compact cases and displays means that your customers will always find the greeting card they are looking for, quickly, easily, and at the best value.

Unlike Any Other Company

We are so much more than greeting cards wholesalers: with our gift bags, tissue paper, gift wrapping paper, and other paper products, you can make sure your customers find all their gift-giving needs are met by shopping in one place. PaperCraft Products is proud to design, manufacture, and distribute all our high-quality, high-value products from our US headquarters in Atlanta and Midway, Georgia. Each member of our team has a proven track-record of excellence in their field, and together they are unstoppable, dedicated to providing the best products and customer service in the industry. We don’t just make wholesale birthday cards, gift wrap, calendars, and other paper products – we help people make celebrations in their lives special, and we take that responsibility seriously.

Customers of PaperCraft Products find that their ordering, shipping, and customer service needs are not just met, they are exceeded. Login to our secure website to quickly and easily shop for the wholesale gift products you need, anytime, from your computer or mobile device. Pay online with your business’ major credit card or an online check, receive an electronic copy, and avoid invoice processing and extra paperwork. Receive the best shipping rates, and shipping usually within 1 business day of your order – and track your shipment online at your convenience. And call our customer service team anytime you have questions, concerns, or issues that you need help solving. The bottom line is: PaperCraft Products, a division of International Greetings, USA, and stands out in the crowd of gift cards wholesalers.

Choosing Products

With such a wide variety of wholesale birthday cards and cards for other special events, it can be difficult to choose which product you want to order for your business. That’s why our PaperCraft Products website includes a comparison feature. Simply click to add the products that you want to compare, and then click one button on the side of your screen to pull them all up side by side. In this comparison, you will be able to see a comparison of the number of designs and the type of display they are best suited for. Cards that are meant to be utilized with the PaperCraft CARD System Base will be noted in the comparison window, and you will have the opportunity to click on the images in order to get a clear view of the cards’ design. If you need help deciding on which products to order for your business, we encourage you to contact our greeting cards wholesalers team for help.

The PaperCraft Products Team

At PaperCraft Products, we pride ourselves on having the best team in the business. Whether you are looking for wholesale birthday cards or other card, gift wrap, or stationery products, our sales team is ready to help you find whatever it is that you need for your business. A sales representative is available to assist you every step of your ordering process, from making a selection from our everyday greeting cards to confirming your order and helping you choose the best possible shipping option.

In addition to our sales team, PaperCraft boasts a management team that keeps the wholesale company running efficiently. Many of our professionals have worked in the industry for several years. We also have a group of talented product designers who help to create our high quality products, as well as an exceptional customer service team that works hard to stay on top of all customer inquiries. PaperCraft continually evaluates its customer service to make sure that we are meeting the needs of all of our customers.

Our National Geographic wholesale products feature quality images of breathtaking animals that anyone has come to expect from the brand. With PaperCraft, you can stock up on note cards, notebooks, stickers, and more, all with a National Geographic touch. If you are having trouble deciding which National Geographic licensed product is best for your inventory and your customers, you can reach out to one of our customer service representatives for help.

If you would rather make the decision yourself, try utilizing our “Add to Compare” button located beneath each product description. Clicking this button on a number of products will allow you to compare each product's price, quantity, image, and other details in a separate window. And if you come across a wholesale product that you like but would rather order later, simply click the “Add to Wishlist” button while you are logged in to your account. This will allow you to easily order the product at a later time.

Once you have placed your order, it will be confirmed and processed within one business day. The customer service member who confirms your order will also work out a convenient shipping method with you so that you can receive your inventory quickly and securely. For more information about our National Geographic wholesale products, contact a member of our customer representative team today.

With PaperCraft, you can stock up on wholesale products featuring the lovable characters of Sesame Street that have stood the test of time. We offer Sesame Street sticker packs, gift bags, wrapping paper, doodle pads, and more. Grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, and other relatives or family friends will enjoy the option of loved Sesame Street products when shopping for the children in their lives.

Offering these licensed wholesale products in your inventory is a good way to demonstrate that you care about your customer’s needs. If you find a Sesame Street product that you want to order at a later date, click the “Add to Wishlist” button below each product’s description while you are logged in to your account. Whenever you log back in, you will have the option of quickly placing your order without searching all over again.

If you’re having trouble deciding on which Sesame Street licensed products you want to purchase, try using the “Add to Compare” button beneath each product’s description. All of the products that you select to compare will be shown to you in a new window where you can easily compare prices, quantities, and other product details at a glance in order to help you with your decision. For more information about our wholesale Sesame Street licensed products, contact a PaperCraft Products customer representative today.