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Wholesale Greeting Cards and Supplies

Retailers of gift wrap supplies often find that their customers are looking for unique patterns, designs, and products that stand out in a crowd. PaperCraft Products by International Greetings, USA, is a greeting cards wholesaler that offers our customers one-of-a-kind wholesale greeting cards, gift wrap paper, bags, and tissue that is unlike anything you will find from other manufacturers. Because we design and distribute all our products ourselves, you never have to deal with someone in the middle between you and the supplies you need to run your business.

The Right Greeting Cards for You

Our wholesale greeting cards selection offers a number of cheap greeting cards for any occasion and to meet any retail location or layout. No matter what space you have available to display our handmade wedding, birthday, graduation, or thank you wholesale greeting cards, we have counter-top or fold-out floor displays that will keep your inventory selection organized and catch your customers’ attention. We offer in-counter displays that hold between 6 to 9 different designs, and a larger display case that allows you to combine in-counter displays and expand the amount of choices you offer your customers. No other wholesale greeting cards supplier makes it as easy as PaperCraft Products makes it for you to customize to fit your needs.

With over 60 designs of wholesale greeting cards, you’ll be able to select a combination of cards that allows you to keep your inventory freshly rotated, all year round. Our boxed Christmas cards and wholesale winter holiday greeting cards come in both traditional and contemporary styles, for both adults and children – including our unique “color-me-in” kids’ greeting cards. The cheap greeting cards we design for other holidays such as Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Easter are sure to fly off the shelves, leaving you with an inventory that moves, not one that sits and waits to be sold at a discount price.

In addition to the seasonal cards your customers are looking for, PaperCraft Products , a premier wholesale greeting card company and supplier, designs a number of perennial favorites that you can stock up year-round, in the right quantities to fit your retail space. Make sure you always have the right number and style of handmade classics such as wedding, birthday, baby, and get well cards, in addition to wholesale holiday cards and contemporary popular cards for teacher appreciation, graduation congratulations, and thinking-of-you sentiments. We are the wholesale greeting cards suppliers that can bring you holiday puzzle cards, handmade cards from National Geographic, and interactive pop-up and audio cards all in one place.

Wholesale Suppliers Built on Excellence

With one of the longest histories in the industry behind us, the paper products division of International Greetings, USA – PaperCraft Products – has gotten to where we are because we believe in listening to our customers’ needs, and providing them true value in the items they buy and the service they receive. As greeting card wholesalers, we design, manufacture, and distribute all our products ourselves from our US headquarters in Midway, Georgia, and are proud that our experienced team has years of achievements proving their dedication and commitment to a job well done, every time. Customers of our wholesale greeting cards, gift wrap paper, tissue paper, and calendars agree that our prices are competitive, our service is world-class, and our site is well-designed, organized, and easy-to-use. It is because of all these benefits that our customers return to us, year after year, to help them keep their business needs met.

We make it easy on our PaperCraft Products website to navigate through our selections, save the items you’re interested in, and process an order securely. We accept all major credit cards and online checks, so you never have to worry about processing an invoice, and we ship most wholesale greeting cards orders and other supplies in one business day. While many wholesale greeting cards suppliers won’t offer customers options on shipping, we offer free freight shipping for orders over $400 – helping you save money when you order the items you need anyhow. By going above and beyond, we demonstrate the commitment to excellence that helps us be one of the best suppliers of cheap greeting cards and other gift products in the world.

Specialty Cards

Our wholesale greeting cards include more than just your standard folded cardstock. In addition to color-me-in and three dimensional cards for children, as well as cards handcrafted with embellishments, we offer your customers a chance to stand out with extra-large cards for occasions like birthdays and Valentine’s Day. We also offer boxed cards for when one single card isn’t enough or for when your customers prefer to keep a steady supply of cards at home. We offer cheap greeting cards that offer a different feel than regular cards with fabric and felt features. Additionally, at PaperCraft Products we sell graduation cards that are designed to hold money and gift cards for all-in-one gift giving. And in an effort to reach customers of all types, we sell a wide variety of Hispanic cards, including those for weddings, birthdays for men and women, birth announcements and baby congratulations.

Choosing Your Products

With such a large selection of wholesale greeting cards, we know that it can often be hard to make a selection. If you need help choosing cheap greeting cards or other products that will work best for your business and meet the needs of your customers, one of our sales representatives will be happy to determine your needs and help you choose the right product. If you would rather make the choice yourself, try using our comparison feature by clicking the “Add to Compare” button below the product description of each item you are interested in. You will be able to view each product side by side in a separate comparison window that highlights each item’s details, such as quantity and price. Once you have made your selection, a sales representative will confirm your order within one business day and help you choose the shipping method that will work best for your business.

PaperCraft’s line of wholesale invitations and thank you cards allows customers to purchase coordinating invitations and thank you notes that are designed especially for bridal showers and bachelorette parties. We also provide thank you cards with embellishments, photographic designs, and thank you cards tailored for children. Don’t forget our gift pouches and everyday money holders, which offer creative and fun ways to give alternative gifts.

As an international provider of cheap stationery and related products, we understand that your customers need more than just gift wrap and wholesale greeting cards. That’s why we strive to offer stationery and gift wrap accessory products that can make you a one stop shop for all of their paper product needs.

If you need help choosing from among our wide variety of wholesale products, take advantage of the “Add to Compare” feature placed underneath each product listing. This allows you to compare the details, images, and quantities of several products at once. You can also use the “Add to Wishlist” function for products that you want to easily find at a later time to purchase, or seek the help of a member of our customer service team to help you select your wholesale stationery products.

PaperCraft has you covered for your wholesale Christmas and holiday stock. We offer single and boxed Christmas cards and stationery, in addition to any type of holiday wrap you can imagine - rolled paper, gift bags, gift pouches, and gift tags. All of our holiday products are available to suit any style, including contemporary, traditional, and religious.

At PaperCraft Products, a division of International Greetings, PLC, we understand that Christmas is a busy season for all retailers. We have you covered with wholesale Christmas wrapping paper, bulk Christmas wrapping paper, and more. Don’t delay in placing your order for the holiday season - be prepared now! You can place your order online or over the phone with one of our customer service representatives. Once your order has been placed, you will be contacted within one day to confirm your order and initiate the quick shipping process.

If you are having a hard time choosing among the Christmas wholesale options, try using the “Add to Compare” feature. Simply check the “Add to Compare” button under each product that you would like to compare. You can then view each one side by side for a closer look at price, quantity, images, and other details. Contact PaperCraft Products today to find out how we can help you add to your stock of wholesale Christmas wrapping paper and bulk Christmas wrapping paper today.