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Wholesale Gift Paper and Displays

As one of the premiere national wholesale gift wrap companies, we at PaperCraft Products by International Greetings, USA, provide a variety of everyday gift wrap supplies, wholesale and conveniently year-round, to businesses with wholesale gift wrap needs. We understand that in order to maximize your potential to provide gift wrap in your business, you need a compact store display that allows your customers an organized, colorful, fun selection of gift wrap materials.

With our wholesale gift wrapping “Everyday” multi-paper displays you’ll be able to place several types of gift wrapping materials alongside one another – providing your customers the exact right paper they need for the occasion in their lives. No matter whether you need wholesale gift wrapping paper that celebrates birthdays, the arrival of babies, anniversaries, weddings, or any other special event, you’ll be able to find the paper display that is right for you and your customers on our organized, secure website. Our numerous wholesale gift wrapping paper rolls include customized tear tape floor displays, allowing you to showcase our six varying designs of gift wrap paper for the everyday occasions.

Gift Paper Needs Met

In today’s business world, you can never be too careful about protecting your investments. Some businesses may have a number of concerns with their wholesale gift wrap paper supplier – namely things such as availability, convenience, and service. We at PaperCraft Products believe in providing the best business-to-business wholesale gift wrapping supplies and service in the industry. We have an experienced, dedicated staff who strives everyday to be an example of the premiere support team, sensitive and adaptive to our customers’ needs for gift wrap supplies and wholesale prices.

Beginning with our varied product selection, we provide customers with more than they expect. Our “Everyday” line of gift wrap paper (wholesale displays only) includes papers that are usable in celebrations, such as weddings or birthdays, and papers in pattern arrangements of floral and geometric prints. We have gift wrap paper for kids too – so no matter who your customers are shopping for, you’ll have the gift wrap paper for them.

Your business runs at every hour of the day, and so do you. You can’t be expected to only take care of your business’ needs during “business hours.” That’s why PaperCraft Products has made it easy to place an order for exactly the wholesale gift wrap supplies that you need for your business, whenever you need them. Gift wrap companies that are looking to provide their customers with six different themed gift wrap papers in one conveniently-sized display will find our anytime-ordering the easiest, most convenient available. Getting the gift wrap supplies, wholesale, that you need, when you need them, has never been easier.

About PaperCraft Products

Backed by over two decades of experience from our parent company International Greetings, USA, we have some of the most knowledgeable and professional staff in the world. After combining the legacy of the oldest wholesale gift wrapping manufacturer in the United States with the global market reach necessary in today’s fast-paced retail world, we have been able to take pride in our establishment as one of the top gift paper companies in markets across Asia, Australia, Europe, and the US.

Based in Atlanta, GA, PaperCraft Products has been recognized as an innovator in product design and development. We provide distinguished, world-class customer service for customers of our gift wrap supplies, wholesale greeting cards, unique stationery designs, and all our other products. Our dedicated staff has more than 20 years combined experience in meeting clients’ wholesale gift wrap needs, and our design staff knows how to make quality wholesale gift wrapping paper that will bring your customers back every time they have a special occasion.

We at PaperCraft Products know how important it is to you to be on top of your gift wrap paper wholesale ordering. That is why we process every online order within 1 business day. We offer the right shipping options for your needs as well. Contact a helpful member of our customer service staff today with questions, and let us show you why PaperCraft Products by International Greetings, USA, has earned our stellar reputation in the industry of gift wrap supplies wholesale.

PaperCraft Products Staff

The PaperCraft professional team is made up of individuals with a variety of talents. In addition to our exceptional customer service team and management professionals, PaperCraft also consists of product designers who bring their talent to the look and feel of our products. We have state-of-the-art studios for design and all of our products, including wholesale gift wrapping paper rolls, gift wrap supplies, and stationery, are manufactured efficiently. Our first priority, after delivering a quality product, is ensuring quality customer service above all other gift wrap companies. To this end, our team is consistently monitoring customer service inquiries and looking for areas of improvement. Our sales force is committed to being intuitive to every client’s needs and assisting with providing extraordinary value. Among the members of the PaperCraft team are dedicated individuals who served with parent company International Greetings, USA, prior to the founding of PaperCraft.

Choosing Your Products

If you are having trouble choosing the perfect selection of products for your business, the PaperCraft website allows you to compare gift wrap paper wholesale products side by side. Simply select the “Add to Compare” button below each item. From there, you will be able to see the products you selected side by side in a new window. In the comparison window, you will see each wholesale wrapping paper roll’s details, price, and quantity information in order to help you make your selection. Once you have chosen a product on your own or with the help of one of our sales professionals, you will receive an order confirmation in just one business day.

If you come across an item that you need or want for your business, such as some of our wholesale gift wrapping paper rolls, but cannot order at the time, simply click the “Add to Wishlist” button below the product description while you are logged in to your account. This will save the product so that you can visit our website and order the item, like our wholesale wrapping paper rolls, at a later time.