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Christmas Gift Wrap for Your Business

A division of International Greetings, USA, PaperCraft Products is one of the leading wholesale Christmas gift wrap companies in the wrapping paper industry. Providing wholesalers and retailers with the right wholesale Christmas wrapping paper to fit the needs of their business and their customers, we distribute more than 20 options of Christmas gift wrap supplies and displays. If you need a compact display of as few as 3 paper designs, or a large pallet with 12 assorted SKUs, we have the Christmas gift paper display option that’s right for you.

Christmas wrapping paper comes in a wide range of choices, and your customers want an assorted selection when they’re shopping for the right holiday paper. PaperCraft Productsdesigns unique wholesale Christmas wrap patterns that you won’t find anywhere else – from traditional red, green, and gold and patterns, and designs that include Santa Claus, to fun contemporary paper for both adults and children. Our wholesale Christmas gift wrap includes muted color combinations of yellow, blue, and white, or bold, sassy patterns that bring a modern flair to the Christmas season. No matter whether you’re looking to have classy, sophisticated Christmas gift wrap or wrapping paper that’s lighthearted and whimsical, you’ll find that PaperCraft Products has the best bulk Christmas wrapping paper at the most competitive prices.

Depending on the amount of space you have to display the various Christmas gift wrap you’re going to offer your customers, you may have unique display needs. Our variety of display options includes open sesame cut-cases that hold either 3 or 6 patterns of our bulk Christmas wrapping paper. If your space is more compact, take a look at our options of cut case displays that hold 6 gift wrap designs. If you have a greater amount of room and are worried about providing maximum variety of wholesale Christmas wrap and gift wrap supplies for your customers, take a look at our Single Layer Pallet Program, which allows you to mix and match 12 SKUs across 4 formats in open sesame cut-cases. No matter what your display needs, the knowledgeable staff at PaperCraft Products can help you choose from our selection to customize a display that fits your available space.

Save yourself time and make it convenient for your year-round supply needs by buying in bulk. Christmas wrapping paper is one of those items that you can have ready at any time of the year, because your customers are always looking to be prepared for the holidays. No matter what type of wholesale Christmas gift wrap supplies or display you’re looking for, you’ll find exactly what you need on our organized, easy-to-use website. Our online ordering is available 24 hours per day, so no matter when is a good time to take care of your business, we at PaperCraft Products are ready to help.

Established, Professional, World-Class

Building on the legacy of the oldest paper product manufacturer in the United States, PaperCraft Products is taking International Greetings, USA, into the future with the global reach necessary in the today’s competitive international business market. For more than 100 years our company has built on ideas of integrity and excellent customer service to embed our roots in the industry of wholesale gift supplies and retail displays. An international company, International Greetings, PLC, was founded in the UK and now has headquarters in the US in Atlanta, Georgia. Many of our executive staff members have been with PaperCraft Products since its inception, and hail from both US and UK locations and experiences – enhancing our global reach and our understanding of the global market needs. Distributing wholesale Christmas wrapping paper from Atlanta and Midway, Georgia, to wholesalers and retailers around the US, Australia, Europe, and Asia, we enjoy bringing quality, fun, entertaining, and original designs to customers around the world.

Ordering Christmas Gift Wrap

Upon placing your order of wholesale Christmas gift wrap, a member of our sales team will confirm and process your order in one business day. If any of the products you ordered are unavailable due to a stocking issue, we will work with you to determine the best possible solution. At this point, we will coordinate the shipping process. Your customer service representative will help you determine if FOB (freight collect or freight billed) or freight pre-paid is best for your order. You can pay with check, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or wire transfer. All sales of wholesale Christmas wrap and other PaperCraft products are final. We are confident that you will be happy with the customer service you receive, along with the price and beautiful quality of the products. If you have any questions throughout the process, please feel free to contact one of our customer service representatives.

Ordering Made Easy

The PaperCraft website is proud to offer ways that make the shopping experience easier for its customers. While you are browsing products, the selection of bulk Christmas wrapping paper can be overwhelming as you try to choose the items that will work best for your customers. If you want to compare several items at once, simply select the “Add to Compare” button below each item. This will allow you to see all of the wholesale Christmas wrapping paper that you selected side by side in a separate window, along with important details such as the products’ quantity and price. One of our experienced sales professionals can also help you choose wholesale Christmas wrapping paper or other products. Your order will be confirmed and processed in one business day, and a sales representative will help you choose the best shipping method for your needs

If you have chosen bulk Christmas wrapping paper or another product that you need, but are not ready to order, simply click the “Add to Wishlist” button below the product description while you are logged in to your account. This allows you to revisit the product you have chosen at a later time and order your wholesale Christmas wrap when you are ready

The first impression of a Christmas gift is its wrapping. That’s why we offer such a large variety of wholesale holiday gift wrap that allows you to stock your Christmas inventory in any way you choose. In addition to several size selections, we also have wholesale Christmas gift wrap designs that are as varied as the gifts that will be wrapped in them.

If you are having trouble deciding which wholesale Christmas gift wrap purchase to make, take advantage of the comparison feature offered on our website. Simply select the “Add to Compare” button below each item that you want to consider. In a new window, you will be able to view the products that you selected side by side, with a better view of each item's price, quantity, design, and other details in order to help you make your selection.

If you come across a wholesale Christmas gift wrap that you want to include in your inventory, but cannot order it at the time, use the “Add to Wishlist” button below the product description while you are logged in to your account. This will save the product in your account for you so that you can easily find it and place your order at a later time. When you log in later, you will be able to order your wholesale Christmas gift wrap through our easy process. Contact PaperCraft Products today to discover all of our wholesale Christmas gift wrap options.