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Wholesale Gift Tissue Paper for Your Business

Retailers and wholesalers who provide gift wrap supplies at their business know that finding the right high-quality, but cheap, tissue paper supplier can be a challenge. We at PaperCraft Products by International Greetings, USA, have provided satisfied customers with a variety of gift wrapping wholesale supplies – including festive and fun gift bags, unique and sophisticated wrapping paper, and creative stationery and greeting cards – for years. Because we are always expanding, the list and selection of what we offer customers is always growing, and that provides you more options to create the right solution for your business needs.

What Makes Our Gift Tissue Paper Different

Our stylish, high-quality tissue paperwholesale packages come in a range of colors, with each individual sheet measuring 20 inches by 20 inches to fit even the largest gift box or bag. With 14 colors to choose from, you’ll find some of the hottest – and coolest – shades available, along with classic staples such as white and ivory. Stock your inventory with a range of blues and turquoise, yellow, pink, green, purple, and more. All our gift wrap tissue paper colors come with 8 sheets per package and 36 packs to a case, except white – the color in highest demand, most used, and most commonly back-ordered by other suppliers. We offer white in packages of 10 sheets apiece, and cases of 48 packets. That way, both you and your customers are prepared to use more. Your customers will thank you for choosing PaperCraft Products for having cheap tissue paper in white, available when they need it; and you’ll be glad you chose the gift wrap supply company with a reputation built on serving its customers.

The customized designs for our gift bags and our wrapping paper are perfectly complemented by the coloring and texture of our vibrant tissue paper. Wholesale gift wrap supply companies can sometimes combine products from various manufacturers in order to keep up their inventory, but this means that on your shelves, the products don’t coordinate and your customers don’t buy items that don’t look good together. At PaperCraft Products we design, manufacture, and distribute all our gift wrapping wholesale supplies – so your customers’ gift wrap needs are easy to coordinate, and so is your inventory.

A Legacy of Repeat and Referral Business

Although our PaperCraft Product tissue paper can be called “cheap” tissue paper because of its low price, it is in no way low quality. We don’t believe in providing less than the best gift wrap supplies to our customers, because we make it our mission to succeed in giving our customers true value. Our dedicated and experienced staff has combined tried-and-true methods with innovative ideas and technologies to create a business model that brings our customers high-quality products at highly competitive prices. The price we offer our tissue paper wholesale customers allows us to build long-term relationships with them, get to know their business needs, and exceed their expectations.

Our PaperCraft Product website makes our customer ordering process as simple, streamlined, and secure as possible. To place orders for our unbeatable prices on gift wrapping wholesale supply items, our customers log in to our website to complete their secure shopping anytime, day or night, from their computer or mobile device. We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and electronic checks, so customers can make payment at the time of purchase and never have to worry about additional invoicing. Our customers also receive the best shipping rates, including free freight shipping for orders over $400, and online tracking so they can have all the information about their items at their fingertips.

We know what runs the businesses of the world today, and we listen to our customers’ needs. No matter what your needs for cheap tissue paper, gift bags, or gift wrapping paper, PaperCraft Products by International Greetings, USA, has the products and the customer service that will help your business serve your customers better.

Selecting Tissue Paper

On the PaperCraft Products website, we strive to make it as simple as possible to find what you’re looking for and place your order. When purchasing your tissue paper wholesale, we understand that making the right choice is crucial. In addition to tissue paper being sorted into its own organized category, you also have the ability to select several items at once in order to view a side by side comparison of all of the items’ details and the prices. For items that you want to take a second look at later, or simply save for another time, use the “Add to Wishlist” button. Additionally, if you need help selecting from our variety of cheap tissue paper, one of our sales representatives is available to help you find a product that will closely match your needs. Gift wrapping with wholesale products has never been easier than with our PaperCraft website.

The PaperCraft Team

At PaperCraft Products, we pride ourselves on having the best team in the business. Whether you are looking for cheap tissue paper or wholesale gift wrapping, our sales team is prepared to help you find the products you need for your business and your customer base. A sales representative is prepared to help you with every step of your ordering process, from making a selection to confirming your order and setting up a fast and reliable shipping method. Outside of our sales team and the experienced management professionals who keep everything running smoothly, we also have an outstanding customer service team. We stay on top of all customer inquiries and evaluate our service regularly in order to make sure that we are meeting the needs of each customer. Finally, our team also consists of a talented group of product designers who help to create gift wrap supplies at wholesale prices.