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from 26

At PaperCraft, we offer a huge selection of wholesale stickers in themes like dinosaurs, robots, princesses, sharks, Sesame Street, and more. Some stickers are designed for girls and some are designed for boys, while other packs offer assorted stickers for easy selection. In addition to peel and stick, we also provide glow in the dark, puffy, scratch and sniff, and color-me-in stickers.

PaperCraft Products, a division of International Greetings, PLC, understands that your business needs to cater to the needs of its customers in all areas. This goes beyond simply offering wholesale gift wrap and everyday greeting cards. Our product design team recognizes that stickers are an excellent last minute register purchase, and can be used as small gifts or gift embellishments for children.

While you are stocking up on your wholesale gift wrap products, we want you to be able to include products for your selection that will be a hit. If you need help deciding between products in our wholesale sticker collection, consider using the “Add to Compare” feature located underneath each product. This allows you to view the images, quantities, and details of several sticker products at once. If you need even more help deciding, a member of our customer service team is ready to help you. Contact PaperCraft Products of International Greetings, PLC, to find out how we can help you order your stock of wholesale stickers today.