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Wholesale Stationery Products That Sell

Your customers have discerning tastes, and your business depends on making sure that you provide products your customers want. You need stationery and gift wrap supplies in designs that will make your customers happy; and you need them from dependable, helpful suppliers. That is why PaperCraft Products, a division of International Greetings, USA, has dedicated ourselves to designing, manufacturing, and distributing high-quality cheap stationery, gift wrap, gift bags, greeting cards, and calendars to wholesale and retail business around the world. In order to provide our customers with the best value, we know that we have to provide products that will stay in demand and fly off store shelves. Our team of dedicated paper products professionals has a combined total of over 30 years of experience, which is how we are able to predict our customers’ needs and exceed their expectations every time.

More Stationery than Anyone

Whether you’re looking to provide your customers a wide selection of many different stationery products, or you only have the retail space to offer a few select items that cater to your specific clientele, PaperCraft Products has the widest range of wholesale stationery products anywhere. We offer a number of magnetic list stationery designs, computer paper and envelopes, school notebooks, sticky-note selections, and an array of notepads. Our stationery products are available in designs for her or him, “jumbo” and “pocket” sizes, and with or without writing instruments. With over 80 designs of cheap stationery for kids and adults, you will always find the right combination to suit your tastes, your business, and your customers’ needs.

Stationery Products for the Whole Year

Our selection of wholesale stationery products includes both staple, classic items that you want to have in stock year-round, such as memo pads, keyring notebooks, and various children’s stickers. We also offer seasonal PaperCraft products such as school supplies that can be rotated out at times of the year when they are not in demand with our other cheap stationery products appropriate for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or other holidays. Our clip-strips and in-counter displays hold between 36 to 92 products in 4 to 9 slots, but when multiple in-counter cases are combined in our fold-out floor display, you can offer your customers hundreds of stickers, notebooks, computer paper choices, envelopes, and notepads in a compact, organized display.

Designed Differently from Competitors

With designs that range from whimsical to sophisticated, our cheap stationery designs make use of all themes, color palettes, and writing needs. PaperCraft Products offers notebooks graced with images of high-definition, breathtaking photography from National Geographic, lively stationery and school supplies with Sesame Street characters, puffy stickers that appeal to children’s imagination, and crisp, professional wholesale stationery products that are as appropriate for the office as the kitchen counter. Teachers appreciate our stationery supply kits, students of all ages appreciate our fun, convenient designs, and everyone appreciates the value that sets us apart from other cheap stationery wholesale suppliers.

A Leading Wholesale Stationery Company

PaperCraft Products is built on a legacy and reputation that goes back more than a century in the US, and has expanded to global status. We believe in providing our customers the best customer service available, which is why we go above and beyond what other companies do to make ordering and purchasing simple and straightforward. Because today’s market moves quickly, we ship most products within 1 business day. Because today’s retailers need information to make decisions, we provide 24-hour online access for anytime ordering or service. Because today’s shipping can be troublesome, we offer free freight shipping for orders of wholesale stationery products and other gift wrap supplies over $400. And because today’s market is so competitive, we invest our commitment to providing the highest quality, most eye-catching designs for today’s discerning customer. Our cheap stationery products are “cheap” only in price – PaperCraft Products believes in delivering nothing but the highest value.

Photo Frames

In addition to offering cheap stationery, we offer photo frames in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes. We have both elegant and designer frames in 4x6 and 5x7 sizes, and each set of photo frames comes in black, silver, and brown. The elegant frames provide a standard, timeless look with straight edges, while the designer frames feature a thicker edge with beveled corners. Each photo frames product comes with a case of 36 and an inner pack of 36, so that you can offer enough frames to keep your customers satisfied for single frame purchases or the purchase of several frames to fulfill a project’s needs. At PaperCraft, we strive to offer more than just wholesale stationery products and gift wrap supplies like gift bags and tissue paper. We want to be sure to offer wholesale prices and quality customer service so that you can easily order any products that your customers might need.


Part of our commitment to providing a wide range of wholesale stationery products involves offering stickers in a variety of styles and designs that are perfect for adding to cards or for use in scrapbooking or other crafts. Our stickers come in packs designated for counter displays and in clip strips of twelve. Our assorted girls’ sticker packs include adorable little animals, castles, princesses, ponies, and more, while the assorted packs for boys include dinosaurs, guitars, cars, motorcycles, and astronauts. We also offer scratch and sniff stickers, glow in the dark stickers, puffy stickers, and stickers with National Geographic and Sesame Street designs. If you want to offer your customers a more varied assortment, you can order one of our mixed assortment sticker cases, which includes a mix of several of our different sticker design choices. No matter what you choose, PaperCraft is confident that you will be impressed with the quality and design of the sticker products.