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This four-book series takes us on adventures with a little boy, some fish, a mouse and an elephant. There are lessons to be learned from these exciting adventures.Mr. Wrinkles is a tale about an elephant who gets trapped. All of his animal friends come to his rescue, and he learns the importance of teamwork. This book reminds children that working together as a team can accomplish more than trying to do things alone.Titch the Tiddler is a tale of a fish named Titch, the smallest fish on the reef. He wants to be big so the other fish will play with him. When the other fish are captured, his small size is exactly right to help rescue the other fish. This book reminds children that we are all special and we each have our own purpose.Henry’s Pirate Surprise is a tale of Henry, a little boy whose job is to test the toys that his uncle makes. His uncle makes a miniature pirate ship, and Henry learns that there are live miniature pirates aboard it. Henry and the small pirates stop a robbery, and the small pirates are set free. This book reminds children that their imagination can carry them to faraway lands and great adventures.Little Mouse Finds a Friend is a tale about a little mouse who is cold and hungry. He has been warned of the dangers of going into the farmhouse, especially the danger of the cat. He finally decides to go in anyway, and he finds the cat trapped. He helps free the cat, and they become best friends. This book reminds children that we all need friends to share and have fun with.
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