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This four-book series takes us on adventures with a frog, some penguins, a panda and a bear. There are lessons to be learned from these exciting adventures.Frog on the Log is a tale of a frog who is washed downstream in a storm. He is lost and separated from his family. He asks other animals to help him get home, but they are unable to help. Then he finds a friendly crocodile who has also been washed from his home, and he is happy to help the frog. This book reminds children that friends are sometimes found in the most unlikely places.Penguins Can’t Fly is a tale of two penguins who are best friends. Each one has his own fears, strengths and weaknesses. They learn that they have to stick together and help each other overcome obstacles. This book reminds children that true friendship is found when you are there for each other and help each other when needed.Lucky Bamboo is a tale about a little panda who is told not to eat a particular bamboo because it is considered to be lucky. Unfortunately, the little panda lets his curiosity get the best of him, and he eats some of the lucky bamboo without permission. It tastes bad, and the little panda has to learn a lesson about following the rules. This book reminds children that rules need to be followed, even when they may not understand why.Little Bear Won’t Sleep is a tale about one baby bear who does not want to go to sleep. His mommy decides that they will go for a walk and tells the baby bear that he can stay up all night. They meet several new friends, but the little bear is unable to stay awake. His mommy explains the next day that some animals do stay up all night, and some do not. This book reminds children that sleep is necessary for a healthy, happy life.
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