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Providing Cheap Gift Bags and So Much More

As a retailer or wholesaler, providing quality wholesale gift wrap paper, gift bags, and other gift-giving productsfor your customers can be challenging. You need a supplier who is reliable and can provide your business with the products that fit your display needs and your customers’ demand. PaperCraft Products, division of International Greetings, USA, has a large selection of unique gift bag and gift wrap designs for adults and children, in addition to our functional, organized, and compact displays.

If you’re looking for a wide range of year-round, cheap gift bags to offer your customers, PaperCraft Products has gift bags for every occasion. Offering most of our general design patterns in both a “large” and a “jumbo” size options means that you can easily display as many gift bags and as much wrapping supplies as your retail space allows for, and your customers end up with the right gift bag every time.

We have bold, sophisticated “everyday” bulk gift wrap and gift bag designs in floral, geometric, and puzzle prints that are appropriate for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and more. Our Sesame Street gift bags – available in birthday-specific and “everyday” – are amongst our most popular sellers and the highlight of our line of kids’ gift bags. For adult gift-giving, we also have unique wholesale gift wrap paper and gift bag designs specific to weddings, birthdays, and baby-showers, as well as a terrific selection of bottle gift bags and mini-card bags with tissue.

No matter what your customers need, PaperCraft Products can help you be stocked and ready to go when customers ask about what cheap gift bags you have available. In order to make display as easy as possible, the mini-gift card bags come on clip strips of 12, and you have many options of our wholesale gift wrap paper to choose the display that will work best in your space. Best of all, our pricing is competitive. If you have questions or need additional information about the packaging or display of our gift bags or gift wrap paper, please contact our world-class customer service team.

About PaperCraft Products

With one of the most distinguished histories in the world, PaperCraft Products – a division of International Greetings, USA – is excited and proud to bring exemplary products, distribution, and customer service for retailers and wholesalers looking to meet their bulk gift wrap and gift bag needs. At our US headquarters in Midway, Georgia, we design stationery and other paper supplies used throughout the world – from Europe to Australia, Asia to the US – and build on our legacy of world-class products and service. Our design team includes experts with a total of over 10 years’ experience designing unique, eye-catching, fun, sophisticated (but cheap!) gift bags that stay in demand from customers, rather than staying in your inventory. Our entire team of experts has the professional know-how from decades of experience bringing quality, bulk gift wrap and other paper products to retail spaces of all sizes and configurations. All our staff members are problem solvers and innovators, committed to great value and exceeding customer expectations.

Gift Wrap Products at the Right Price

Customers ordering from PaperCraft Products website can choose among several shipping options to find one that suits their needs. We ship all orders within 1 business day, so you’re never waiting for your wholesale bulk gift wrap products. Order conveniently anytime online using your business Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or check and take comfort in knowing that we have been rated with top-grade security on our website.

Because we have some of the most competitive pricing for customers looking for wholesale gift wrap paper and other gift supplies, we post up-to-the-minute pricing exclusively for the Registered Customers who visit our site. Become a member of PaperCraft Products website and let us show you why we are recognized as one of the best wholesale gift bag, gift wrap, and paper products suppliers anywhere.

At PaperCraft Products, we pride ourselves on having the best team in the business. Whether you are looking for cheap gift bags or bulk gift wrap, our sales team is prepared to help you find the products you need for your business. A sales representative is prepared to assist you with every step of your ordering process, from making a selection to confirming your order and setting up a shipping method. Outside of our sales team and the management professionals who keep everything running efficiently – many of which have worked in the industry for several years – our pride and joy remains our outstanding customer service team. We stay on top of all customer inquiries and evaluate our service regularly in order to make sure that we are meeting the needs of every client and business. Finally, our team also consists of a talented group of product designers who create our high quality designs.

Choosing Your Products

When it comes to offering wholesale gift wrap paper, PaperCraft strives to offer customers an easy way to do their shopping right on the website. If you are having trouble deciding which bulk gift wrap products will be best for your business, try using the comparison feature. Simply click the “Add to Compare” button below each product you are interested in, and each item will be shown side by side in a new comparison window. In this window, you will see each item’s details, such as quantity and price. If the comparison feature does not help you choose which product is best for you, one of our sales professionals will be able to help you make a selection of gift wrap rolls, gift wrap paper, or cheap gift bags.