When it comes to invitations, nearly everyone will send at least one or two at some point in their lives. The Emily Post Institute warns about sending an invitation too late and states it's better to plan and send them early rather than wait until the last minute.


Wedding Invitations and Formal Invites

These types of invitations are best sent out in advance, so your guests have plenty of time to shop and plan other events around them.    The Knot states that wedding invitations should go into the mail six to eight weeks before the event. This gives your guests time to shop and plan their accommodations or schedules. Formal invitations to parties or dinners typically go out three to six weeks before the event. If it is a destination wedding, give as much as three to six months’ notice because there will be much more planning and budgeting for your guests to do.


Casual Invitations

Causal invitations grant the sender a little more leeway timewise. The Invitation Shop recommends casual invitations to birthday parties, luncheons, informal dinners, and other casual parties be mailed anywhere from a few days up to three weeks in advance, depending on how busy you believe people's schedules are. Again, you want to give people plenty of time to shop and fit it into their schedules.


Holiday Parties and Charity Balls

These events are considered a more formal affair and should be given more time when invitations are mailed. Constant Contact recommends sending invitations for charity balls six weeks to three months in advance, and holiday party invitations three weeks to two months in advance. Making sure the people you invite to a charity ball gets their invitation that far in advance is a good indicator of them being able to RSVP back, so you can plan for how many seats or plates will be needed. When you send holiday party invitations, you have to remember there are usually a lot of them going on at the same time, and the sooner you get your invitations out, the better chance you have of more people attending.


When you plan a party or wedding, it is a good idea to keep these tips in mind for mailing out your invitations. You want to give your guests ample time to plan for being there on your big day, or being available for a simple get together.

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