Photo frames are not just for your precious memories, but can be utilized in other ways around the home for fun décor options. These projects are not only simple, but can update the look of your home without breaking the bank. Think of the frame as a blank slate just waiting for your creativity and personal touch.


Chalk Board


This is great for those who need a way to keep track of their grocery needs or daily reminders of chores that need to be done. Coat a couple of layers of chalkboard paint onto the frame backing and you have a mini board for notes that will brighten your kitchen or den. If you prefer a dry-erase board, add a light colored paper beneath the glass and then simply write away with washable markers.


Jewelry Hanger


Keeping your necklaces or earrings displayed, as well as organized, is simple with this project. Remove the backing of the frame, then attach small hooks to one of the inside edges. Your jewelry is now easily accessible and handsomely displayed, thanks to a photo frame and a few hooks.


Small Drink Tray


Although offbeat, this is a very nifty way to utilize a picture frame for those who love tea or coffee. Simply line your frame with a pretty fabric and use it to hold your sugar and cream for an ingenious server. You can also use your new tray for keeping remote controls tidy, or simply holding a vase of flowers.


Shadow Boxes


Everyone loves to relive special moments in time with items or pictures from their past. A shadow box is a fantastic way to do this. By attaching the frame to an open box, you can fill it with mementos while simultaneously dressing the design up. Adorn the box with knick-knacks, family photos, or first place ribbons from a sports event. The possibilities are simply endless.


Any of these unique items would make a lovely addition to any home. Do not be afraid to add your own flair for a nice personal touch on a sometimes unoriginal design.

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