Each year, around 1.6 billion Christmas cards are purchased by individuals who want to send well wishes to their family and friends. Holiday cards can be purchased in the form of individually personalized or in a set of boxed cards. Around 28 percent of the Christmas cards that are purchased in the United States are custom made for the individual who is purchasing them.

Here are some interesting facts about Christmas cards and the customers who purchase them each year:



  • Women are more likely to purchase greeting cards than men, with around 80 percent of card sales being completed by women. However, during the holidays, the amount of men that purchase Christmas cards rises considerably. This could be due, in part, to the stigma that Christmas cards need to be sent to loved ones each year. In fact, seven out of 10 individuals who buy Christmas cards consider it essential to the holiday season and do not plan to stop buying cards in the near future.

  • Customers are more likely to purchase cards for Christmas than for any other holiday of the year. With the vast majority of Christmas card sales making up greeting card sales as a whole, it is no surprise that many customers who send Christmas cards do not send other cards throughout the rest of the year.

  • The cost of Christmas cards range from 50 cents each to 10 dollars each, with the more expensive cards featuring embellishments. Boxes of cards can cost anywhere from a few dollars a box to 20 dollars a box. Customers are more likely to purchase less expensive cards for Christmas than they are for any other holiday.

  • Despite a reliance on modern technology, young adults still participate in the practice of sending cards for Christmas. While some choose to send electronic cards, many see paper cards as a more personalized and sincere option. Although technology has made purchasing cards easier in an online environment, it is not expected to replace the habit of sending paper cards.


Whether addressing and sending Christmas cards is an integral part of a holiday tradition or receiving and displaying the cards is seen as an exciting part of the holidays, Christmas cards play a big role in the modern family environment. Offering feelings of love and familiarity, Christmas cards give families a chance to share their memories of the past year and the plans for the upcoming months.

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