Regardless of the type of event you are organizing, the invitations that you send will set the tone for the event and also reveal a bit about your personal style. As an added bonus, the invitation can provide a lot of valuable information to your guests when done right.


Here are some tips for making the most out of your invitations while adhering to the proper etiquette:


• Begin by choosing a style for your invitations, such as contemporary, classic, or formal. The style should reflect the type of event. Some weddings are formal, while other more low-key parties and gatherings are contemporary or casual.


• If you are unsure of how to word your invitation, look for templates online for similar events with the same style. You can find a sample that is close to what you are looking for and then adjust it to be perfect for you. For example, formal events typically spell out complete names, addresses, and dates (for example: “two thousand and fifteen” for the year).


• Make sure your lettering reflects the wording of your invitation and its style. Use flowing script for a formal, classy event, block lettering for a casual, contemporary event, etc.



• Make sure your invitations are addressed properly. For example, you can send a single invitation to couples who live together. There are different etiquette rules for addressing to special situations, like couples where both individuals is a doctor or when you are sending an invitation to a widow. Do your best to know each recipient’s situation so you can investigate the proper way to address the invitations.


• If you are planning a wedding, mail the Save the Date cards as soon as you decide on a date and location for the event. This gives guests plenty of time to arrange attending, especially if they are from out of town.


• If you are sending a response card, date them for two weeks prior to the event for head count purposes. You should also include a return address and stamp for the response card envelope to make it easier for the guests to send them back.


• nclude maps, directions, special instructions, dress code, and anything else that will be helpful information for your guests. However, avoid including registry information on the wedding invitation. It is okay to include this information on bridal shower invitations, but not the wedding invite itself. Ask family members and the wedding party to spread the word about gifts instead.

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