Pocket notebooks are a convenient way to keep your thoughts and ideas within easy reach at any time. While carrying around a pocket notebook may seem like an outdated with the prevalence of smartphones and tablets, the truth is that pocket notebooks offer a sort of flexibility that digital devices do not. For example, a pocket notebook will never be low on battery life.




In addition to invoking a special feeling from the use of a quality notebook and pen, here are some benefits of using a pocket notebook:


  • Use a pocket notebook to jot down notes, ideas, things you need to do, thoughts you want to reflect on later, and things you need to remember. There is no limit to the amount or context of things that you can add to a pocket notebook.


  • You can jot things down immediately without struggling to remember them later. It only takes a few seconds to pull out your notebook - there is no waiting until a later time when you have access to pen and paper.


  • Taking notes during lectures and meetings will help you to absorb the information better.


  • A pocket notebook allows for better brainstorming. You can stop your brainstorming session and then simply revisit the page’s notes or sketches to easily pick it up later and turn it into something great.


  • You will flatter friends and colleagues if you take time to write down something they mentioned so that you can remember it or think about it later.


  • You can add receipts and business cards to the notebook with a paper clip, or just by slipping them between the pages to deal with later.


  • You can add your notes in any context that you want. You are not limited to the fields of a smartphone or forced to categorize your notes immediately. You also don’t need to exit out of other apps or wait for a note-taking app to load before you can use it. Instead, you can get your thoughts down quickly and worry about organization later when you have more time.





Here are some things to remember to make your pocket notebook experience positive:


  • Look for notebooks that are built well. They shouldn’t fall apart easily and should be made with quality paper. The notebook needs to be able to live up to being inside of pockets for long periods of time, regardless of your activity.


  • You need a reliable pen that will write at any angle. Your pen should also be leak-proof so it doesn’t stain your clothes, and the ink should not smudge on the paper.


  • Choose a scheduled time to go through your pocket notebook and process all of the things you have written down. This can be once a day, once a week, or less frequently. During this time, you can move numbers to your address book, record your expenses, recopy notes, follow up on gift ideas, and more.


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