For more than a century, children of all ages have been honoring their mom on Mother's Day, an occasion celebrated by eight out of every ten Americans. Today, it's a $20 billion holiday in terms of what consumers collectively spend every May. Not surprisingly, approximately 30 percent of consumers will do most or all of their shopping for mom online. Here's a closer look at some other Mother's Day shopping habits.


Millennials Really Love Mom

While there is no age limit on when appreciation can be shown to a mother, millennials between the ages of 25 and 34 tend to spend the most on gifts for mom. The average spent by shoppers within this age group is nearly $230. Overall, the typical amount spent on mom is $187. Part of the reason for the trend may be that more younger adults are living at home, so they may be more inclined to show their appreciation.

Greeting Cards Top List of Common Gift Choices

According to a survey conducted by the National Retail Federation, most people gave a greeting card for Mother's Day. The diversity of cards available today allow sentiments to tailored to what's likely to mean the most to the mother receiving the card. Choosing an appropriate card can also serve as an enhancement to other gifts that may be given to show mom how much she's appreciated. Some other gifts often given on Mother's Day include:


  • Flowers
  • A special dinner/meal
  • Clothing
  • Jewelry
  • Personal services like a spa day
  • Books or CDs
  • Gardening or household gifts
  • Electronics

Mother's Day Gifts Can Be Given to Other Special People

The recipient of most Mother's Day gifts are mothers or stepmothers (more than 60 percent). However, other special people who play a similar role in peoples' lives sometimes receive gifts or cards as well. These other special people often include wives, daughters, sisters, and grandmothers. And about seven percent of the recipients of gifts are friends who happen to be moms. Regardless of who is receiving a Mother's Day gift, there's plenty of evidence to suggest givers get just as much pleasure out of giving a gift on occasions like this as the intended recipients.


Most moms will enjoy anything they may receive on Mother's Day. Even so, there's something personally satisfying about giving someone special a gift that has meaning to them. And cards and accessories like wrapping paper can serve as appealing extras.

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