A gift just isn't complete without the perfect tag and adornments. While many of the most popular gift embellishments look complicated, they really are quite simple to prepare. Whether you are planning a birthday surprise or getting ready for the upcoming holidays, here are some creative ideas to give your gift some extra special flair.


Candy Tags

During the holiday season, attaching a tag to a pair of candy canes glued into a heart is a great way to show someone you care. Small containers can also be filled with colorful candies to make a delicious topper that fits into any season.



Pom-poms are cheerful, and they come in a wide variety of materials, sizes, and colors. You can make your own using a ball of yarn, or you can purchase some that are already made. Try attaching one large one at the center of a gift instead of a ribbon bow, or you can glue many tiny ones to the top of a box to create a textured appearance.



When it comes to gift embellishments, you can never go wrong with a bow. From shiny ribbon to paper flowers, there are so many different styles from which to choose. Take a look at your gift, and consider the message you want to send. Then, choose a bow that fits the theme. From whimsical to sophisticated, there is a bow for every occasion.


Ornament Tags

After the special occasion is over, an ornament tag can be the perfect keepsake. This type of embellishment is especially popular during the holidays, and it also works well for experience and food gifts when you want the recipient to have a token of your affection after the gift is gone. Simply choose an ornament and either have it engraved or attach a sticker with the recepient's name to the back before tying it onto the gift.


Gift Accessories

Another great way to embellish a gift is to add an accessory that goes along with the item contained inside. For example, a wooden spoon tied with a pretty bow could be used to decorate a cooking-related gift. Frame photos, pens to go with a journal, and scented soaps are just a few popular gift toppers. Just consider what items your recipient may enjoy having along with their gift, and find a way to attach it with ribbon or twine.


After finding the perfect gift, wrapping and decorating it is the perfect way to have a little fun. When you choose the right embellishments, your gift will stand out while ensuring that your friend or loved one knows how much they are cherished on their special day.

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