Many schools allow children to give Valentine’s Day cards and gifts to their classmates. Each year, it’s a special occasion for children to bring valentines to school. You can make your child stand out by adding some inexpensive, yet fun valentine extras to give to their classmates and teacher. Not only are these projects fun, it allows you to understand the relationships your child has with his or her classmates.

Here are three simple, effective ideas for enhancing your child’s school valentines:

1. Purchase inexpensive stickers for each card.

Cards and small decorations, such as stickers, can be purchased very inexpensively at a variety of stores. These small decorations can make the Valentine’s Day card pop.

• Spend time with your child to decorate each envelope for their classmates with stickers.

• Ask your child if they have special friends whose cards they want to decorate with stickers or other small details. Allow them to be selective.

2. Include crafts that are useful to the classmates.

A simple pencil attached to the outside of a card with tape can make your child’s valentine stand out. Because many simple items can be purchased inexpensively, adding something to each card that will be useful in school can make teachers and mothers smile, along with your child’s classmates and friends.

• Wrap a chenille stem around a pencil or eraser spiraled in Valentine’s Day colors (pink, red, and white)from the bottom to the top of the item.

• Use construction paper to cut out hearts.

• Allow your child to write each student’s name on the heart to pass out the Valentine’s Day cards.

• Use a whole puncher to put a small hole in the bottom of the heart and attach it to the chenille stem.

3. Add candy.

Adding small, flat candy in cards can show a child’s appreciation for their teacher and classmates. Candy, such as hearts with inscriptions on them, allows your child to learn more about reading and understanding their feelings towards their classmates.

• Select candy for each card that expresses your child’s feelings or shows your child’s emotions towards each of their classmates.

• Simply drop the candy in the card before sealing it, or use tape.

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