Learning to Maintain a Family Calendar

Life is very hectic in modern times, especially for families. Kids have school and parents traveling back and forth to and from work and home. With everyday things like these going on, time can easily slip away and cause everyone to be in great confusion about what is going on. A perfect way to combat this is to create and maintain a family calendar. With a family calendar, it is easy to keep track of family events and stay on top of anything that comes your way.


Finding the Perfect Calendar System

Everybody has a certain preference of what type of calendar they like. For example, for some people, an electronic calendar system is easy to use on a device, like Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, and many more. However, others may prefer and more old-fashioned calendar, like hanging up a whiteboard with markers in the home on the wall or using a traditional hang-up paper calendar. Once you find the perfect system for you, then you can start filling it up and maintaining it.


Weekly Planning

The second step to maintaining a family calendar would be to start setting up and writing down the events you need to mark on your calendar. Since this is a family calendar, it would be best to first sit down with your family and communicate to each other what events are approaching soon and quickly mark it down on the calendar. This should be down at least twice every month to ensure that everyone is up to date about what future events will be happening. Once this meeting is over, just be to make sure quickly mark down the events that were spoken about, in order to not forget them.


Color Coding and Key Codes

Another way to maintain a family calendar would be to follow a color-coding chart. Once all the events are marked down on the calendar, it is important to be able to decipher which events belong to which person. For example, keep two colors for each of the parents and different colors for each of the kids, then just simply use each person’s color code to mark their own events on the calendar. This helps families to easily see who’s doing what and when they’re doing it, without easily becoming confused.

Overall, maintaining a family calendar may seem like a hectic and difficult thing to keep track of at first, but over time, after finding the correct routine to follow, it can become a necessity for families because it helps make everyone’s life much easier, smoother, and most importantly, keeps families unified at all times.

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