If you're serious about making this year your most successful year ever, it's time to tap into the power of journaling. This practice can increase your self-awareness while also enhancing your memory and critical thinking skills. An added benefit of journaling is that it can decrease stress and anxiety by providing you with an outlet to express your concerns. To ensure that you make the most of your journaling practice this year, consider implementing some or all of the following strategies:


1. Get Organized

Organization is the key to success in nearly every sector of life, including the journaling process. As such, it's important for you to get organized once you're serious about making journaling an integral component of your daily life. One great way to get started is by setting aside a specific time of day and location where you will journal. You can also determine how much time you want to spend with the journaling process. This could be anywhere from ten minutes to one hour.


2. Use Prompts

In some cases, new journalers experience difficulties when they try to come up with topics to write about in their journal. If this is your challenge, know that developing prompts is a great solution. One great theme you may want to consider is what you're looking forward to in the new year. Here are some prompts you could use to develop journal entries around this theme:


  • I plan to __________.

  • I'm excited about __________.

  • When things don't go as planned I will __________.

  • I'm worried about __________.

  • This year is going to be great because __________.

  • I wish for __________.

  • I will take care of myself by __________.

  • My intention for this year is __________.

  • I will show myself compassion by __________.

  • Every day I plan to __________.

  • I will accept myself by __________.

  • This year I want to add more __________ to my life.

  • I will focus on __________.

  • will accept others by __________.

3. Write to Yourself

Another great journaling idea you can implement this year is writing to yourself. This mode of writing can be advantageous because it enables you to explore your deepest thoughts about past decisions, future goals, and what you might do differently in order to attain the positive outcomes you want for the year.


If you're ready to organize your thoughts and reflect on what's most important in 2017, know that journaling regularly can help you realize the goal. Keep yourself on track to personal and professional success this year!

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