How to Organize Gift Wrapping Supplies



Everyone loves to receive a beautifully wrapped gift, and it's fun to give surprises like that, too. But if your gift wrapping supplies aren't all neat and tidy, the process becomes a little more frustrating and a little less fun. Here are some ideas that will help you get your stuff organized quickly and easily.


Dedicate an Area to Supplies

Hunting around looking for gift wrapping supplies is stressful and wastes time. Instead, dedicate a particular area to those items. That can be a drawer, cabinet, part of a closet, corner of the basement, or anywhere else that's convenient. Put all your gift wrap, gift bags, bows, ribbon, gift tags, and other related items neatly in that area.

Keep Tools Handy

In the area where you keep gift wrapping supplies, place the tools you need to wrap gifts. That includes tape, scissors, pens, and pencils. You will have everything you need in that one place, and gift wrapping will be so much more fun and quick. You could even put all those types of tools in a bag or container together, and that will make the organization process even more efficient.

Group According to Occasion

Organize your supplies based on special occasion. For example, put all the kids' birthday gift wrap together, the Christmas supplies together, the baby shower supplies together, and so on. When you need to wrap a gift for a particular occasion, you will know exactly where to find everything that you need. Organizing like this also makes it easier for you to do a quick inventory of your supplies so that you know when you need to buy more of a certain item.

You can also consider setting up a designated gift wrapping area in your home. That could be in your basement or spare room. You could place a table there that is large enough and at the correct height for wrapping gifts. When you are not using it for gift wrapping, you can use it for playing board games, doing jigsaw puzzles, sewing, making crafts, or any other purpose. The project of getting all your gift wrapping supplies organized is something you can do in a short amount of time. By keeping your gift wrapping supplies organized, you will be making the process of getting gifts ready and attractive much more enjoyable.

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