With Easter just around the corner, are you prepared? Have you bought all the goodies for the kiddos and other special people in your life? With over 80% of Americans celebrating Easter in 2015, it is time to take a look at how you compare with the rest of America.


Overall Spending


The average American spent $141.00 on Easter in 2015 which was an increase from 2014. Now, take a look at how that money broke down. The money spent in 2015 was spread through multiple categories, so here is just a sampling of some of the statistics. Candy was the most popular at 87% of Americans making this sugary purchase. Another popular trend for 2015 was greeting cards, with 48% of Americans placing their money in this category. Another huge spending category last year was clothing, with 45% of Americans making this purchase.


Candy and Alternatives


So how will your Easter compare? With the National Confectioner's Association statistics reporting that in 2011 Americans consumed 700 billion pounds of candy, will you be participating in this trend? For those looking for alternatives to the 2012 Easter 2.1 billion dollar candy industry, think about giving a book, small toy or movie passes to say Happy Easter. Consider filling those little ones with knowledge as opposed to sweets!


Greeting Cards


And how about those relatives living across the state or even across the country? Don't forget to grab something for them. Consider purchasing a greeting card. A greeting card certainly says that your are thinking of them during this holiday without the high price tag to go with it. Obviously, being a 695 million dollar Easter industry, you will certainly not be the only one in the greeting card aisle.


Whatever you decide to put in those Easter baskets, be sure to remember your gift wrap as you shop this Easter to create a beautiful display for all of your family and friends to enjoy!


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