Most of us enjoy giving cards for holidays and life events. We also give cards to show sympathy during difficult times such as illness or loss of a loved one. But, any time in someone's life, whether they experience joy or sadness, is a good time to receive a card!


When we're feeling down, receiving a card lets us know people are thinking about us. When we're celebrating something happy, receiving a card lets us know people who love us are sharing in our joy. Here are some occasions to give cards that you might not have thought of.


Job changes

A person's job is a major element in their life. It's where they spend a large portion of their time each week. The loss of a job can be devastating financially, emotionally, and psychologically. Some people go through depression when they lose a job. Others lose touch with colleagues who had become close friends. Show someone they are not alone when they are going through this period by sending a card.

Likewise, getting a new job is a momentous occasion. Whether the person has been looking for work for a long time, a recent college graduate, changing careers, or simply moving on to new horizons, wish them happiness and luck in their endeavors.



We send sympathy cards for loved ones who have departed. And, most of us with pets understand how much pets are loved as members of the family. It is becoming more popular to send sympathy cards when a pet has passed away.

If a pet has gone missing, this creates a period of anxiety for the pet owner. Send them some comfort with a card and let them know their pet's well-being is in your thoughts.

And, remember that getting a new pet is an addition to the family! Why not send some congratulations when someone gets a new pet? Especially if the new pet owner lives alone or has recently lost an old pet, as this animal will be an important feature of their life.



As human beings, it's natural to become attached to our homes. Leaving them can be difficult. New places can be lonely if you are moving away from loved ones. If someone you love moves away, let them know you miss them with a card to remind them that even if they are far away, they are on your mind.

A new home is also often time for celebration! Especially if it is someone's first home purchase. Share in the enjoyment by sending someone a card filled wishes for happiness and blessings in their new home.


Any big change in life, whether it is happy or difficult is an opportunity to show your loved ones that you care.


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