Gifts come in all shapes and sizes, not just things that can easily neatly into boxes. While there's nothing wrong with literally thinking out of the box when it comes to gifts, it can be a challenge to try and wrap those gifts in a way that doesn't take away from the surprise. If you have some strangely shaped items to wrap, here's how you can get it done.


Use Gift Bags

The simplest way to wrap a strangely shaped item is to use a gift bag so you can slip it right inside. If you can't find a gift bag that's the right size, make one yourself out of gift paper, clear tape, and scissors. You'll need to make some strategic folds, but you should be able to make a gift bag that fits your item.

Repurpose Large Popcorn Tins

Make use of those decorative popcorn tins you may have received as a gift at one point and reuse them for oddly shaped gifts. The tins can be wrapped with paper or left as is with just a ribbon tied around it and tied into a bow. The recipient can even reuse the popcorn tin for other purposes.

Wrap It In a Larger Box

Don't have any popcorn tins around the house? Not a problem. Find a larger box and use it for your oddly shaped item. You can then use gift wrapping to wrap the box, which should be in a convenient square or rectangle shape. If the item is loose inside of the big box, stuff newspaper or leftover wrapping paper scraps from other gifts you may have already wrapped around it for cushioning.


Embrace the Shape

When it's not practical to hide the shape of the gift, embrace its odd shape! With round objects, run a tape measure or string around it to get an idea of how round it really is so you can cut the right around of paper for it. Allow for a few extra inches, since it's better to be loose than have to struggle to make everything fit together. Another option is to simply place the oddly shaped item on a large sheet of paper and wrap it around the item to get an idea of much gift paper you'll need.


If you're absolutely stuck and can't wrap a strangely shape item, then focus on making what it is you're giving look as eye-catching as possible with bows and ribbons where it makes sense to stick such accessories.

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