Once you have gone to the trouble of getting a gift for a friend or family member, you want to make sure you present the gift in a way that looks the best. There are two main options for wrapping your gift: gift bags and wrapping paper. Sometimes, it can be difficult to know which option is best for your gift.


Gift Bags

Gift bags are typically the easiest option, but that is not a bad thing. Bags are perfect for wrapping things that are irregularly shaped, like stuffed animals or anything that doesn’t come in a box. It’s also quick and requires no cutting or taping. You can easily dress up gift bags with colored tissue paper, and a bag is a good option if you do not think that your wrapping skills are up to par.


Wrapping Paper

Regularly shaped gifts are easy to wrap with paper. And of course, if a present doesn’t come in a box, you could always put it in one and then wrap that. Wrapping paper is often a good choice because it demonstrates that extra time and care went into the gift, and watching a recipient unwrap a gift can make the moment last longer. Using gift wrap is also cost efficient, because you can use one roll for several gifts. It’s easy to add a personal touch like bows and ribbons to wrapped gifts. If you feel like wrapping a gift and don’t have any special paper, you can use newspaper or paper bags for a fun and unique touch.


So which should you use? If you are grabbing a last minute gift, grab a gift bag to go with it. Be sure to consider your time, because it is valuable. Either way, you can find something to match the occasion.


Remember that there is no right or wrong way to wrap a gift. As long as you put thought into your gift, that is what really matters the most.

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