Stickers are a great commodity-they are inexpensive and come in so many different designs and colors, and with many different characters to choose from. At the end of the day, they are a great way to keep kids busy, decorate and embellish your life, and create special keepsakes for others. Even though any hard and smooth surface is a great option for a sticker, here are some other popular and creative uses.




Use stickers to add some personality to any number of possessions. Decorate your water bottles, coffee mugs, coolers, mirrors, cell phone cases, laptop, computer monitor, tablet, music player, and e-reader. School age children might enjoy using stickers to personalize and easily identify their binders, diaries, and pencil boxes




Adding stickers to helmets and toys can help your child recognize their possessions at a glance. You can use stickers to label food or storage jars so that you can see the contents easily, or differentiate between the water and food dishes for pets.




Creating a chart for homework or chores is a great way to help your children establish routines and maintain responsibility for their work. Choosing stickers that they are excited to add to their chart can make the experience more fun. You can also use stickers to note special days on the calendar that the whole family will recognize, like balloon stickers on birthdays, heart stickers for Valentine’s Day, and seasonal stickers during the winter.




Stickers have endless potential when it comes to creating keepsakes for loved ones. You can use stickers to make plain white cards stand out for any occasion. You can also add stickers to picture frames to create a unique look. Stickers are also great on flower pots and votive candle holders, which make fun gifts for Christmas and Mother’s Day. Additionally, you can add stickers to scrapbook pages to make memories beautiful.


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