Sending a Christmas card is a great way to show other people that you care about them, are thinking about them, and want to let them know that they are in your heart during the Christmas season. While sending a Christmas card is a great and thoughtful idea, there are some things that you should remember when you choose to send your cards in order to be a thoughtful sender.


Choosing the right time to mail your Christmas cards can be the difference between your family members getting a card at the perfect holiday time or getting their card just after the New Year. Since post offices are typically busy during the holiday season, it’s important not to wait until the last minute. However, mailing your cards too early is not ideal either, and cards that arrive before December begins will be before many of your loved ones are in the holiday spirit. A good date to aim for is December 10th. It’s not too early and will allow just enough time for your cards to reach their destination before Christmas.



  • Some things that are great to include in Christmas cards are big milestones that happened to your family throughout the year, accomplishments by family members, and, of course, a wish for a very merry Christmas.

  • Avoid negative news or grudges in your holiday cards.

  • Many individuals also opt to include a newsletter about their immediate family with the Christmas card. It’s much easier to include the newsletter separate from the card rather than trying to write all of the information in the card by hand.

  • When you are writing out your Christmas cards, it is important to remember that not everyone may have had as wonderful of a year as you did. Be considerate and avoid bragging.

  • If you are writing to someone that you are not very close to, avoid putting in too much personal information

  • Include a personalized greeting in the card. Starting off the card with a generic, “Dear Friend” is not personal enough.

  • Make sure that you always close your card with warm thoughts and your own signature.


Even if you have sent Christmas cards for every year that you can remember, there are still always ways to improve your card sending habits. And if you have never mailed cards before, this Christmas is a great time to start sending them. Get your cards selected, filled out, and in the mail to let your friends and family know you are thinking about them.

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