Boxed Cards vs. Hand Selections

Many stores and greeting card companies offer a choice between boxed cards and individual cards. While many customers have purchased a combination of boxed and individual cards, you might be wondering which you should select for different occasions.


Individual Cards


Individual cards provide customers with endless choices for nearly every occasion. Birthdays, Sympathy, Thank You, Get Well, Wedding, New Baby, Congratulations, and other occasions are celebrated with greeting cards. Before an upcoming event, you can take time hand selecting a greeting card that matches the occasion and your relationship with the recipient. This allows you to tailor a card to each person that you give it to. Often, the effort that goes into hand selecting a card shows. Higher end and handmade cards are often only available as individual purchases.


Boxed Cards


Purchasing boxed cards makes it easy to have a stock available in your home when the need for a greeting card arises. This is especially useful for Thank You cards. If you receive an unexpected gift, it helps to have a card handy to send right away instead of making a trip to the store. Buying a boxed set of cards is also often less expensive than buying each card individually. However, you have less control over each card and don’t get the benefit of choosing the perfect one.




Try to take advantage of the convenience of boxed cards, but don’t rely on them for all of your greeting card needs. You can find boxed cards that have a few different designs and occasion themes. These are good to have on hand if you remember that you forgot to pick up a card for a wedding that evening or for a last minute invite to a birthday party. Boxed cards are also good choices for Christmas, when you have many cards to send to many people.


However, don’t rule out hand selecting cards completely. Even though boxed cards are convenient, it’s still best to take the time to carefully choose a card for more sensitive situations, like Sympathy cards. And sometimes, choosing a special card for someone close to you is what makes the gift even more significant.

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