Small businesses often face problems when they try to connect with customers. Something as simple as letting customers know that new items are in stock can be more complicated for a small business than a large business with a never-ending marketing budget. Fortunately, this can easily be managed with the technology that is around today for small business owners. Things such as free email marketing, social media, customer newsletters, and simple phone calls and signage are all great ways to let them know that products are in stock.

If you are keeping track of your customers and their email addresses, it can be easy to set up an email marketing plan that informs those who sign up of new and exciting stock. You can even rely on a web solutions company to handle this for you.

Additionally, social media is an important tool to utilize. Since most individuals are on at least one social media site, it’s simple to connect to customers on a personal level. A Facebook or Google+ post about products that were just restocked will let all of your customers know that it is there.

Another way to get the word out to customers is through the use of newsletters. Create a monthly newsletter that has all of the latest on your small business. You can also use the space to highlight an exceptional employee, list some fun facts, mention something your business achieved, and list all of the products that your business now has in stock. This newsletter can be sent out through email, but it can also be effective when sent through the postal mail service – if your customers have already shared their address with you in order to receive coupons or other promotions.

If you have regular customers that you know well, you can always call them to let them know that you have some products that they enjoy in your store. This offers a very personal touch, and to the right customer, it will come as a welcome surprise.

Finally, don’t underestimate the power that colorful, bold signage can have when it comes to advertising your new products to shoppers in your area. You can even have a graphic design company assist you with developing your signage.

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