Valentine’s Day is the quintessential day for love and romance. For adult couples, it’s a special day to pronounce love for one another. And since kids are welcome to join in on the fun, school valentine cards are sold in large quantities each winter. When it comes to letting your child pass out cards to all of their friends and classmates, there are some simple things you should know.

Choosing valentines
Choosing the colorful cards to pass out is half the fun of Valentine’s Day for children. And as long as you make sure your child is included in the selection process, there is really no wrong way to go about making a choice. Valentine cards come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns, and may include a unique design or affectionate Valentine’s Day themed quote. Still others offer your child’s classmates a chance to color in pictures or do other fun activities. These valentines marketed toward kids will have a kid-appropriate theme, so you can feel good about them being passed out. Just make sure you purchase the correct amount, so no child in your kid’s class is left out of getting one.

Passing out the cards
The etiquette of passing out cards varies from classroom to classroom and from school to school. In some classes, the children have to give all of the cards to the teacher, who then passes the valentines out to each child. Other teachers allow the students to go around and pass out the cards that they brought to everyone. Make sure you know the rules ahead of time and that you prepare your child with what to expect during the Valentine’s Day celebration at his or her school, and make sure your child knows to follow the established rules.

When does the passing out of valentines stop?
Eventually, just like dressing up for Halloween to go trick-or-treating, the passing out of valentines at school will come to an end. Although this varies throughout different cities and districts, many kids stop passing out valentines sometime in middle school. This might be because the interest in boyfriends and girlfriends grows, and it becomes more important to give one special card to someone than to every classmate. However, this doesn’t mean that your child has to stop doing nice things for his or her friends on Valentine’s Day. Let the passing out of friendly cards continue as long as he or she wants to keep giving.

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