While the world is quickly transitioning to everything digital, the practice of writing things out can be easy to lose in the noise of technology. Anyone with a busy schedule, including business professionals and parents, can benefit from using a calendar or planner to keep track of activities, meetings, and appointments. And while switching to an all-digital method can be a good choice for some, there are individuals benefiting greatly from not completely abandoning basic paper calendars and planners.

Cellular and computer companies are working to improve calendar applications and make them more convenient to use, but it is still often more time consuming to pull out a digital device, open an application, find the date, type in the information, set up the event and choose whether you want an alarm – as opposed to jotting down an event on your paper calendar or planner. Additionally, a voice command calendar feature opens up more room for errors than writing an event down yourself.

Once your events are added to your digital calendar, it can be difficult to see a month-at-a-glance view. Instead, the nature of most digital calendars and planners means that you need to click on each individual day in order to see the scheduled events.

Automatic backups of your calendar and planner data are beneficial, but backups can lead to glitches that can cause you to lose all of your data at once. And if you happen to lose all of your power source and are unable to charge the battery of your digital device at the moment, then your events and tasks are unreadable.

Paper calendars and planners often include easily accessed areas for contact information, addresses, and empty spaces to jot notes at meetings or ideas when you are out on the go. They are also more easily customized with plenty of designs, options, and colors available, and you can add and subtract features and forms as your needs change.

While electronic planners and calendars have their place and offer plenty of benefits and conveniences, paper calendars can be a great tool for individuals, even if they are only utilized for personal use or as a backup. This provides a place to quickly jot down appointments, look ahead for months at a time with ease, and not have to worry about losing any important information to an electronic error.

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