Who should I send holiday cards to?

There is really no limit to who can receive holiday cards from you. You can choose to only send cards to close relatives and friends, or you can add your entire extended family or social circle. It helps to be thoughtful and choose cards that are appropriate for each recipient. If you know someone in your circle does not celebrate Christmas, but you would still like to send a greeting, consider sending a generic holiday card instead. Sending holiday cards to business associates is fine, but be sure to keep the cards professional and send them to the recipient’s place of business unless you have personally met his or her family. If you have some cards left over, consider finding a local organization that will help you mail a holiday greeting to troops stationed overseas.

How should I send holiday greetings?

Although electronic holiday cards can be convenient, they are missing a certain personal touch that can be really meaningful around the holidays. Additionally, paper cards allow your recipients to display them in their home. Once you have chosen your cards, mail them out instead of handing them out to friends or family members that you see in order to make the experience more special. And while a handwritten note in addition to signing the card is not necessary, it is a nice bonus.

When should I send the cards?

Mail your holiday cards just after Thanksgiving if you want them to arrive in early or mid-December. Keep in mind that the postal office is very busy during the holiday season – but sending the cards before Thanksgiving can cause them to arrive too early. Include a return address on your envelope so that your recipient knows who the card is from. A return address will also allow them to have your current address each year and help them to know where to send a return card.

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