In the modern digital age, teens and adults are not the only ones relying less frequently on handmade or handwritten notes and cards. Children are also experiencing the changes through older family members -- with birthday party invitations being sent via social media websites or electronic invitation services, thank you cards being delivered with online greetings websites, and the utilization of video chat services to connect with long distance loved ones. However, the benefits of introducing children to handwritten cards or notes are numerous, and the practice is still valuable in the modern world of technology.Who should receive the cards? Sending party invitations and thank you cards to friends and family members are obvious choices for involving children in sending personalized notes, but the gesture can extend to get well or sympathy cards for sick family members or members of the community. Giving out paper valentines at school shows each classmate that they are valued and included, and choosing to send cards to deployed troops or nursing home residents can offer a great amount of encouragement. Discussing with a child who can benefit from receiving a handmade and thoughtful card is one way to involve him or her in the process and think about how his or her actions can improve the mood of others.What are the benefits? Talking to a child about how they feel when they are encouraged in sports, school, or with new skills will help them understand how a card might make someone feel who is in need of their own encouragement. Taking the time to send thank you notes for party invitations, birthday gifts, and holiday presents teaches etiquette and the value of acknowledgement. Sending cards and notes in the digital age carries educational benefits by allowing the chance to practice correct addressing techniques, practice holding and using a pen or pencil to create letters and numbers, and gain experience using a signature.Choosing from a wide variety of card and stationery options will give a child a chance to display their own creative side while they work on personalizing their note. Cards that offer additional personalization options, like those that can be colored in, extend the personalization and creative benefits even further.
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