When choosing a gift, you likely put a lot of thought into the occasion and the type of gift your recipient would enjoy or use. You thoughtfully select a present that fits your criteria and makes a statement about how you feel about the individual you are giving the gift to – but it’s common to overlook the important step of presenting the gift in a beautiful way.

A beautifully wrapped gift does not take away from the gift itself; in fact, it can only add to the perfect gift. Wrapping something nicely indicates that you care about the recipient and that you put extra thought into it. A gift’s wrapping is also its first impression and helps to make the process of opening it meaningful.

Begin by considering the occasion for your gift. You can find wrapping paper for almost any occasion, such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and holidays such as Christmas or Easter. Additionally, solid colors and simple, understated papers are good choices for professional gifts. Next, consider the recipient’s age. Choose bright colors and bold designs or patterns for gifts for children and birthdays, and more elegant designs or patterns for adults and weddings.

Once you have chosen your wrapping paper and colors, you might want to coordinate tissue paper or ribbon. Tissue paper can be used to keep fragile items safe in a box prior to wrapping, while ribbons on the outside of the package add further appealing detail.

To wrap the gift, gather your gift wrapping supplies, like tape and scissors, and make sure the price tag is removed from your gift. Roll out the gift wrap, using your package or gift as a sizing guide, and make sure there is an inch of overlap around the gift before cutting. Once you’ve cut the gift wrap, pull it tight over the gift and secure the paper to itself or to the box with straight pieces of tape. When wrapping the edges and corners, make sure to pull the paper tightly and make clean, crisp creases.

Once your gift is neatly wrapped, tie your ribbon around the box or use the ribbon to create a bow. You can further beautify the gift by cutting the loose edges of the ribbon at an angle or curling the edges with a blade from your scissors. Consider using different colored ribbons together, adding embellishments to the package, or adding a color coordinated gift tag.

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