With the last several years of digital and technological advancements like email, instant messaging, and text messaging, the handwritten note is becoming less and less common. We simply don’t depend on stationery as often in order to communicate news or establish personal and business relationships. However, while digital communication might be faster and has its well-earned place in terms of efficiency and timeliness, the use of stationery still delivers a positive experience and offers increased options for expression.


Our Paper Craft product line includes wholesale stationery products that allow you to add character to your messages and letters. Even in the modern age, sending notes on stationery is still an acceptable and encouraged practice for situations that require thank you notes, Christmas letters, and dinner invitations, and packs a lot more personality than quickly shooting off an email. As an added bonus, stationery can be creatively personalized with designs, colors, and even various colors of ink in order to show the recipient that the message came from your heart.


While part of the reason that stationery is still a viable industry might be due to nostalgia, using quality stationery, like our Paper Craft products, also serves to inspire your friends and family members when they realize they are worth the time it took for you to use stationery rather than opting for faster and cheaper communication. Imagine retrieving your mail and receiving a thoughtful, handwritten note complete with beautiful embellishments and set apart from the bills, newsletters, or junk mail that floods your mailbox each day.


And for businesses, stationery shows class and suggests an established, longstanding reputation. Usually designed with your logo and contact information, the uniformed use of stationery helps establish your business identity. It also sets you apart from your competition by giving your customer or client something tangible and meaningful rather than an easily deleted and forgotten email communication.


Overall, the digital world has changed the way that we use stationery, but the shift doesn’t have to be all negative. Rather than its previous use as a necessity for communication, stationery has instead become a way to deliver a positive and creative experience that shows thought and care for the recipient. Paper Craft is proud to offer stationery alongside our other wholesale products, such as gift wrap, tissue paper, and greeting cards.

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