It is easy to be extremely organized at the beginning of the school year. New folders, calendars, and notebooks make organization easy to do and fun for kids. However, retaining that level of organization throughout the year can be difficult for kids and parents. By following a few simple tips and understanding why organization is important, parents can work with their children to help keep everything organized regardless of the time of year.

Organization is important because it allows a place for everything. When items are in their designated place, they are easy to find and less likely to get lost. When all plans, appointments, and schedules are noted, it helps everything to runs smoothly.

Staying organized is not difficult, but does require parents and children to be intentional about planning. A few things that will help increase organization are:

  • Always keep a planner. A planner will allow you to have a glance at what your life looks like from day to day. You will be able to schedule appointments easier and will know what you can and cannot do. Consider adding dinner plans into your planner for more organization.

  • Keep a coordinating calendar. Your children and family do not have to know everything that is in your planner, but keep a calendar in a centralized location where everyone can see what is going on for the day.

  • Do weekly organization checks. Consider choosing one day of every week to go over everything that you have organized. This will give you time to put things back where they go and reorganize if you feel like the current organization system isn't working out.

  • Set a good example. If you want your children to remain organized in their personal and school lives, be sure that you are a good influence for them. This means keeping your own life organized and showing them how to do the same.

  • Invest in supplies. You may not be able to organize everything you need without the assistance of tubs, bins, planners, calendars, and organizers. These are small investments that can help make your life much easier.

Whether you are an already organized person who needs some help with additional items or someone who has never been organized, you can benefit from the majority of these tips. They will allow you enjoy the school year knowing that everything has a place in your home and in your schedule.

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