Christmas cards are a great way to let your friends and family members know that you are thinking about them during the holidays, and in turn, the cards that you receive let you know that your loved ones are thinking about you, as well. For many families, it can be difficult to decide what to do with all of the cards that you receive during the holiday season. Even if you plan to dispose of them after the holiday is over, you may like to show them off during Christmastime.

  • Get creative - You can display your Christmas cards in a special way by finding a unique structure to use. A gun rack, an old window without panes, or even an old wooden sled can all be used to display greeting cards. You can hang the structure on your wall or even just prop it in a corner near your Christmas tree. Try using festive decoration, such as ribbon, to brighten it up.

  • Bring in the great outdoors – You can create your own card display tree, which is a great way to keep your display festive. Try choosing a few tree branches of the same size and place them in a vase. You can punch small holes in the tops of your Christmas cards and thread a small piece of ribbon through to hang on the branch.

  • Use your cabinets – A popular method for displaying Christmas cards involves attaching thick, festive ribbon around your kitchen cabinet doors. You can affix cards to the ribbon as you receive them for a quick and easy Christmas decoration in your home.

  • Make a craft – After the holiday is over, try making a wreath or garland with the leftover cards instead of tossing them. Punch holes in a variety of sizes through the most interesting parts of the card, then glue the pieces together in a circular shape and attach a bow or ribbon to the bottom for a wreath. For garland, use Christmas cookie cutters to trace shapes out of the card, then cut the shapes out and string them together. Use these decorations for next year.

Don’t let your Christmas cards sit on a shelf or mantle. Instead, get creative with their display – it just may be the perfect holiday touch that your home needs this year.

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