Thank you cards are a great way to show appreciation for something someone has given or has done for you. While they are becoming less relevant in the technology age, thank you cards are still an important aspect when it comes to letting people know you are grateful for the things they do for you or give to you. The message is extra special if the thank you card is handwritten and with a message that comes from the heart.

When should I send a thank you card?

A thank you card is traditionally sent after being on a receiving end of a gift or an extraordinary act of service. These cards can be anything from a quick, “Thanks, that was great” to a well thought out and constructed sentimental card. Sending a thank you card anytime you are appreciative of another’s actions or gifts is a great way to give the other person tangible proof of your gratitude and thankfulness so that they can treasure the interaction for many years. Traditionally, a thank you card should be sent within one week of receiving a gift or a service.

Why should my cards be handwritten?

It can be very tempting to use the computer to send a quick note through social media or email. And while there is a time and place for these types of thank you notes, they come across as less sincere than their handwritten counterparts. For gifts and significant actions, you should take the time to sit down and craft a handwritten card. Writing out the address on an envelope, rather than using a label, adds another degree of thoughtfulness.

What should I include in my thank you cards?

When you are writing a thank you card, make sure that the message you are sending is one that comes from your heart. Here are some basic tips for constructing the message of a thank you card:

  • Do not write something you don't feel. Be sincere with what you write.
  • Try to mention the specific itemyou received or service that was performed. For example, you could say, “Thank you so much for the chevron striped travel mug. I'll think of you every morning on my way to work while using it.”

Writing thank you cards can be time consuming and may seem like a pointless task at times, it is worth the effort for those individuals who will hold on to and remember your thank you cards, especially in a time when they are becoming less popular.

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