Here are some Father’s Day card statistics that you may not already know:

  • The purchase of Father’s Day cards usually take place in June (the month the holiday is celebrated), and those that are mailed out are sent a few days prior to the holiday.

  • The majority of purchased Father’s Day cards are not sent through the mail, but are delivered in person.

  • Approximately half of all Father’s Day cards that were given in 2013 were given to fathers from their children (this includes traditional fathers, stepfathers, and adoptive fathers).

  • The other half of the purchased Father’s Day cards were sent to other father figures, like husbands, grandfathers, uncles, and even brothers. The differing recipients for these cards means that they have different messages and sentiments, but most have a masculine design and message.

  • Individuals who purchase Father’s Day cards generally buy between one and four cards when shopping.

  • The majority of Father’s Day cards that are purchased accompany a gift of some kind for the recipient. 

Although the purchase of Father’s Day cards does not match the vast number of Mother’s Day cards purchased each year, the statistics indicate that individuals still enjoy using paper greeting cards to express appreciation and love for the fathers in their lives, and often buy for men that are not their own father.

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