According to statistics, if you don't send your mom a card on Mother's Day, you are considered one of just a few. Choosing the perfect Mother's Day card is easy with all of the options available, and millions of people choose to participate in this tradition each year. Most people, even those who aren't in the habit of sending cards, send or purchase a card for their mom on Mother's Day.

Despite the recent surge in a reliance on technology, Mother's Day card purchases are actually on the rise. Even individuals who have chosen to use e-cards and quick messages for holidays such as Christmas and Valentine's Day are still purchasing cards for their mom each year. The reason behind this may be that physical cards are more sincere. While technology makes things easier for many purposes, it also makes tangible cards more meaningful and special. Sending a Mother's Day card may mean a lot more to mom than it has in the past because you took the time to think about the card, purchase it from the store, write in it, and give it to her rather than relying on a social media message.

Individuals buying Mother's Day cards are not skimping on anything, either. Last year, Americans spent $671 million on cards for their moms during the Mother's Day season. This is up over around $5 million dollars in the past decade, accounting for inflation and other economic factors. These numbers reflect card purchases only and do not include the other things that people do for their moms on Mother's Day such as purchase dinner and gifts.

Women purchase 80% of greeting cards in the United States, but during Mother's Day, things change in the industry.  Around 40% of Mother's Day cards are purchased by men, while women buy around 60% of the cards. Even men who do not normally purchase greeting cards will generally make a trip to their local store and purchase something to give their mother during this time of year. Despite the fact that women still buy more cards than men on this holiday, it is impressive that the amount of men purchasing cards doubles when Mother's Day comes around.

Mother’s Day cards are easy to find, inexpensive to purchase, and help moms to feel exceptionally special during the Mother's Day holiday.  

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