A bullet journal is a flexible organizational tool. This type of hand-written record is named for short lists made with bullet points. It will help you end the chaos of lists written on scraps of paper, appointment cards and even coupons for the grocery store. It is useful for project keeping, appointment reminders, grocery lists or even sketches. It may double as a project record, sketch book and daily journal; it is also a way to unplug for a little while every day, or even once a week.


Making Lists

Bullet journals are useful for those who are list makers. They use their lists to stay organized, remember important things, or even jot down project ideas as they pop into their heads. Even if you are not a habitual list writer, you will find the bullet journal a helpful tool simply because writing things down helps you remember them.


Getting Started

A bullet journal can begin with any blank notebook. Some people prefer a slim moleskin ledger while others like the simplicity of a paperback composition book. It is up to the designer whether they prefer lined, unlined, dotted or grid paper. Once you pick your book and paper type, be sure to choose pens or markers that will not bleed through the paper or leave unsightly smudges on your fingers. Before you get started with the creativity, note that there are a few things that most bullet journals have in common.


Staying Organized

All bullet journals should include at least one index page. This is a handy way to reference all of your lists, ideas, and appointments at a later date. After the index, the calendar pages are the most important. A monthly grid may be taped to a page or the days of the month written out vertically, though some people use both methods. The next thing in a bullet journal will be the daily to-do list. It may be written out on seven pages, one for each day, or a whole not-so-busy week may only take up a single page.


Lastly, you should remember that this book is for you. It matters little if it matches the artistic prowess of some person on social media. What is most important about the bullet journal is that you have all of your information in one place to run your life. Looking through your bullet journal after a busy week can give you a sense of accomplishment.

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