Typically, opening a gift bag involves pulling out at least a few sheets of tissue paper. Although it is recyclable, there are so many ways to use it that you might as well just save it in a box or a bag for later. Tissue paper can be used over and over again and is extremely versatile.


One of the most obvious things you can do with tissue paper is save it to use in gifts that you plan to give to someone else. This saves you money because you do not need to purchase new tissue paper to use. Simply stash tissue paper from gifts you receive into a shoe box to add flair to a gift bag.

Tissue paper can also work for wrapping gift boxes. A re-used piece of tissue paper looks wonderful with a decorative bow and a ribbon around a box. This makes for very affordable wrapping paper.



Tissue paper is an expensive way to add padding to packages. If you are mailing something or packing something away for later, try using tissue paper to keep your items safe.



If you enjoy crafting, or if you have kids in your life that love fun, constructive projects, you will find many uses for tissue paper. Here is a sample of craft tissue paper ideas:


  • Decoupage – With tissue paper, you can add flair to anything. Try gluing cut tissue paper squares onto shoes, small tables, jewelry boxes, or anything else that you want to spruce up.

  • Stained glass – You can use tissue paper squares to give a stained glass effect to any glass item. Just glue the squares onto lanterns, candle holders, or jars and finish with a clear top, like Mod Podge. This creates a beautiful look with a light or candle inside.

  • Paper plate fish – A fun craft for kids, tissue paper squares become imaginative fish scales.

  • Wreaths and party decorations – There is no shortage of decorations that you can make with tissue paper. Try bunching it together to make a party wreath or using long strips to weave your own streamers.

  • Tissue paper flowers and pom-poms – By bunching up the tissue paper in creative ways, you can make beautiful pom-poms or tissue paper flowers in any color you choose.

  • Cutting and tearing practice – Finally, tissue paper provides an easy, gentle way to provide kids with fine motor skill practice without the worry of paper cuts.

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