You do a lot as a parent to prepare your children for the future, providing them with the love and lessons they need for success. One of the most important and yet simplest things you can do for your child is read to them.

Studies have shown the benefits of reading, including reports that demonstrate how reading has a biological impact on brain function. This simple step can have a lasting impact on their lives. You can begin to read to your child even before they are born, and it is never too late to start with our wholesale books.

Benefits of Reading to Your Child

Reading aloud to your child will cause a positive impact, regardless of the child’s age. Some of the ways that reading benefits children include:


  • Improved Listening Skills - Learning to listen can be challenging, especially for younger children, but it is a needed skill to get ready for school and learn how to interact with others.
  • Better Relationships - Reading with your child builds a special bond that will improve the parent-child relationship. It creates a loving and caring environment that will help your child thrive. Books also teach valuable lessons about how people should interact, which improves social skills.
  • Increased Mental Agility - Reading, listening to stories, and thinking go hand in hand. It helps build pathways in the brain, developing the parts of it that respond to language and literacy. This makes it easier for your child to think and respond.
  • Greater Vocabulary - The more words and ideas your child is introduced to, the better their vocabulary. This helps them master language faster. Better language skills will aid them in school and later in life.

Getting Started

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to get started. All you need is a few books and a time and place to read with your child. We’ve rounded up a couple of suggestions to help you being a routine.

  • Set a Time - Decide when you’re going to read to your child and then stick to a schedule. This way you won’t forget to make time for it. Just before bedtime is an excellent choice because reading can be calming.
  • Have a Variety - It is important to have a variety of books to read aloud. This will keep reading time exciting and expose your child to a wider variety of styles, subjects, and words.
  • Make it Fun – Don’t be afraid to do character voices or read about silly topics. Reading time doesn’t have to be serious to be beneficial. You and your child will have a better time if you keep the mood light and include some fun.
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