The gift giving season always brings surprises when it comes to the latest trends. They change from year to year, depending on a variety of things. From new technologies that have become available to brand new fashion styles, any number of things can affect the gifting statistics of any given year. In 2015, we saw a few shifts from the norm.


Rising Stars


Gift cards were on the rise in the 2015 holiday season, with many more people choosing to purchase these cards with monetary values of up to a couple of hundred dollars for their loved ones. There has also been a rise on the number of people who shopped for their gifts using their tablets. According to the Statistic Brain Research Institute, 70% of tablet owners used theirs to get all of their holiday shopping done. The number of people who did their holiday shopping on Black Friday has also increased, with up to 1,500,000 people this year.


On the Drop


This year, the amount of people who were willing to pay full price for a gift dropped down to 16%, with the majority of shoppers looking for sales. Customers were also more likely to look for free shipping options when making a purchase, with 36% of them saying that they will not purchase the item without it.


Staying Strong


The amount of shoppers who did their holiday gift buying online has remained pretty constant in recent years, and this includes 2015. This year 90% shopped exclusively online, with 51.4% shopping for electronics, 32.6% buying toys, and 21.3% purchasing home decor items. Customers who bought gift cards online were around 23.1%, remaining about the same as the year before.


Greeting Cards and Wrap


Greeting cards were a large part of holiday shopping as well. Most people who bought a gift also purchased a greeting card. Even people who gave gift cards preferred to include them inside a greeting card. Many shoppers also continued to get their gifts wrapped by professionals instead of doing it themselves.


The trends of online shopping and buying gifts using tablets are expected to continue rising for next year. Gift card giving is also going to remain a strong choice, as will the giving of greeting cards. By knowing the trends for 2015, you will have a better chance of knowing what to expect for the 2016 holiday season.


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